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Are You Dealing with Probate in Georgia?

If you're dealing with a Georgia probate case or estate matter, partner with Georgia Probate Associates. We'll represent and protect your interests.


More importantly, we'll listen and help you identify your goals and do everything we can to help you achieve them.

Focused Representation.

Our firm provides dedicated representation to clients throughout Georgia, ensuring you benefit from our understanding and experience in Georgia's unique probate laws and procedures. Our team is well-versed in navigating Georgia probate, providing effective solutions tailored to your unique case.


Efficient Coordination. Regular Communication.

Our clients should expect well-organized case coordination and timely updates. Our firm is structured to deliver both, and we'll work around your schedule. We commit to regular communication, keeping you informed and engaged at every step of the process.

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Bryan P. Tharp, Attorney & Founder of Georgia Probate Associates

Georgia Probate Associates is a law firm committed to guiding individuals and families through the complexities of probate and estate administration with compassion and expertise. As the founder of the firm, I bring years of legal experience to ensure a seamless and personalized probate process for our clients.

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